Rabu, 22 Februari 2012


it's so simply
-Give you the remote control everytime we watch tv
-sing even if i can't
-Never run out
-will drive for you, everytime everywhere
-a lot of smile
-wondering of you
-i will make a lot video of you, directed by me
-stay on your door even your parent ban it
-will do your homework(even it math)
-wake up early morning to take you arounding the city
-Dance with you, even if i feel like a nerd
-Play with your hair
-some firework on our first date
-make you a song, even it will look like "an idiot sing a song"
-bring you the piano to tell "i can play piano(it's more idiot)"
-answer all of your question
-tell you a story about praying mantis
-put our picture on my wallet, room, table, guitar, keyboard, PC, bag and gameboy, as lucky charm
-bring you the horizon

that's it :'(