Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Between Me And French Fries

how about a story to tell? ok here we go..

So i just knew this girl, and then we went for our first "date", we watched that movie about bunch of vampires that sparkle, and some over confident shirtless werewolves.. yeah you know.. the one with too many dramas. Anywaaaaay, yeah.

This is what really happened:

Me: "itu french fries kayanya enak ya" (sambil ngelirik kesebelah)
Her: "minta gih, i dare you to"
Me: "what's in it for me?"
Her: "what do you want?"
Me: "how far would you go?"
Her: "anything"
Me: "kiss."
Her: "ok"

"sorry, is that french fries? can i have some?"

Me: "nih french fries, biar tembeman"


she is not my girlfriend
but, it's really happen
i still want it more, but she had another boyfriend
maybe i'm sick now
at least, im sick till her get back to me

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